Be a leader. Be a persuader. Connect with audiences. Banish nerves. Look, sound and feel confident. Find your voice.


Your Path to Success

All you need for success as a confident speaker

Freedom From Nerves

Remove the fear factor from your presentations

Sam's Success Story

From nervous beginner to international speaker


What you get with Presentations Masterclass

Course creator Halina St James talks about how Presentations Masterclass works for all speakers - nervous novice or polished performer.



Want a taste of Presentations Masterclass? We've put together a short video of excerpts from the course

Deliver presentations that get results

With Presentations Masterclass you'll unlock the secrets to being on top of your game as you deliver presentations that get results.

Liberate your authentic voice

Enjoy the satisfaction that comes when you use the TalkitOut method to prepare presentations you can deliver with confidence.

Be a leader. Stand out from the crowd.

Leaders must be persuasive speakers. With this course you will  learn how to command any audience - and stand out from the crowd.

Release your voice

If you're struggling with presentations, it may be because you're sabotaging yourself from the get-go. The TalkitOut method guarantees a script you can easily deliver - and words the audience can easily comprehend..

The Power of Stories

Stories are like duct tape. They make your facts stick in the minds of audiences. And they do it because they affect the brain chemistry of listeners - just like a hug or a touch or a kindness. With Presentations Masterclass you'll learn to use the power of stories for every occasion.

Body Language

Words matter - but they are only a part of your communication toolkit. What are your hands saying? Are your eyes connecting with the audience? What about moving and standing on stage? And why is passion such a powerful persuader? You'll get all the answers in Presentations Masterclass.

All you need to succeed

18 video lessons... 3 bonus videos... 100+ page e-book... templates... support documents.


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