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In these difficult times we are giving away some of our lessons

If you are using videos or video-conferencing to communicate with clients and colleagues, try this complete lesson from Presentations Masterclass

Release your voice

If you're struggling with presentations, it may be because you're sabotaging yourself from the get-go. The TalkitOut method guarantees a script you can easily deliver - and words the audience can easily comprehend..

The Power of Stories

Stories are like duct tape. They make your facts stick in the minds of audiences. And they do it because they affect the brain chemistry of listeners - just like a hug or a touch or a kindness. With Presentations Masterclass you'll learn to use the power of stories for every occasion.

Body Language

Words matter - but they are only a part of your communication toolkit. What are your hands saying? Are your eyes connecting with the audience? What about moving and standing on stage? And why is passion such a powerful persuader? You'll get all the answers in Presentations Masterclass.

"Whether you’re speaking to spread your truth, speaking to lead, or speaking to sell, put Presentations Masterclass in your toolbox. Halina’s tips will help your achieve your dreams."

- JACK CANFIELD, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be



Our grateful thanks to these three generous clients who allowed us to show them in action BEFORE and AFTER a coaching session with Presentations Masterclass creator Halina St James

All about Presentations Masterclass

Halina St James talks about how the 21 videos, e-book, templates and other tools in the Presentations Masterclass online course work for all speakers - nervous novice or polished performer.


All you need for success as a speaker

18 online lessons... 3 bonus videos... 135 page e-book... templates...

"Thanks for this program – I'm learning a lot as I go through it. I'm teaching a course to adults this winter, and you're prompting me to rethink my approach."


Your Path to Success

All you need for success as a confident speaker

Freedom From Nerves

Remove the fear factor from your presentations

Sam's Success Story

From nervous beginner to international speaker


What Solution Do You Need?

Apprehensive about a presentation? Want to look and sound your best in a media interview? We have a range of solutions for you.


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